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How Do I Get Aboard Jane Franklin?

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

So you've decided you might want to come sail aboard Jane Franklin. Now you're wondering how to do it.

There's a old tradition among adventuring vessels. It's basically that anyone suited and desiring to come aboard and sail is welcome to join the crew. Your personal will is the most important part.

So how to you get a berth on Jane Franklin?

You show up.

Open ocean sailing is not for everyone. Many people think that it "sounds romantic." Remember though, that "red sails in the sunset" are only visible from the beach. Life aboard is different from what we imagine. Our dance partner, Mother Nature, can and does dictate the rhythm. While it's true that it can be beautiful to sail, it's also true that sailing can be physically and sometimes mentally uncomfortable. A potential sailor has to know this.

Sailing aboard Jane Franklin is about the journey. We go to interesting places. But sailing is not about the destination. It's about the experience of sailing a very good boat on the open ocean. Destinations can change depending upon the weather and scheduling. One shouldn't set their heart on getting to a particular place.

Anyone who always needs to have things their way is probably not suited to sailing in tight confines with other crew members. An easy going and willing attitude is an asset.

Having to have your expectations met is a liability. Sailing is going to be different from what you might expect. It's going to be better in many ways and it's going to be harder. The only reasonable expectation may be that "This to be different from anything I imagine."

Get in touch via the Home Page to express a desire to sail with us on the real ocean. Let us know your imaginings, your abilities and capabilities, your experience (both in sailing and in life), and maybe provide us with a short resume. Together we'll determine how you might fit in with our crew.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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