S/V Jane Franklin
welcomes you!

"The occasion that moved me to take such a voyage in hand was only a curiosity of mind, a desire of novelties, and a longing to learn out the bounds of the ocean..."  -Lucian of Samothrace


Like much of the journeying world, Jane Franklin's travels are in limbo. We're going to figure out our next step from Panama as soon as international air travel to Panama becomes possible. Meanwhile, you can get on the Crew Wait List to let us know you might be interested in joining whatever plan develops. 

All dates and ports of call are not guaranteed. Everything is subject to change.

Maybe YouTube  sailing videos have sparked your interest in sailing aboard an Amel Super Maramu. Or perhaps the Hornblower or Master and Commander series captured you. Well, this might be your chance to merge dream with reality! We don't charge for passage. See our sailing calendar. Even if we've never met, get in touch below to express your interest or get on the crew list! 

Who we are

Our mission aboard S/V Jane Franklin is to see and share the watery world, creating an environment for curiosity and enthusiasm. Whether an old crew member or a new one, Russ Roberts and the crew of Jane Franklin invite you to come sail!

As mentioned above, we don't charge for passage. We are not a business. We sail together as friends. Jane Franklin is a private vessel, a yacht. We invite you to get in touch and express your interest! Then we'll be back in touch with you. No sailing experience needed on most journeys. But some our our legs will, however, require experienced hands. 


We particularly encourage artists, writers, and scientists from around the world to come aboard to share your story, work, and dreams.

Where are we?


When underway, you can see S/V Jane Franklin's position and track. Click here or scroll to the bottom of this page.

Sailing Rope

Put your mind at ease. We're a safe, disciplined ship with an easy going attitude. Let us answer your questions. To get started, here are some Things to Know Before Sailing.

Jane Franklin is an Amel Super Maramu. Launched in La Rochelle, France in 2003, she is a beautiful ocean capable 53ft/16m vessel. Read about the Super Maramu here.

Get in Touch

We, the crew of S/V Jane Franklin, would love to hear from you! 

See our calendar . Join us on social media, too...

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